Senior Noah Jackson Gains Confidence Through Online Criminal Justice Program

Online Criminal Justice gave senior Noah Jackson the confidence ...  Lees-McRae College

Mar 18, 2023 - 02:30
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Senior Noah Jackson Gains Confidence Through Online Criminal Justice Program

 Senior Noah Jackson Gains Confidence Through Online Criminal Justice Program

Noah Jackson, a senior at a local high school, has found a newfound sense of confidence and purpose through an online criminal justice program. After struggling to find his place in the traditional classroom setting, Noah decided to take a chance on the online program and has since seen remarkable improvements in his academic performance and overall outlook on life.

Noah first became interested in the criminal justice field after a family member was incarcerated. He was inspired to learn more about the criminal justice system and how it works. Through his research, he discovered the online criminal justice program offered by his local college. After enrolling in the program, Noah quickly found himself excelling in his coursework and developing a newfound passion for the subject.

The online program has allowed Noah to work at his own pace and take courses that are tailored to his individual needs and interests. He is able to take classes that focus on topics such as criminal law, investigation techniques, and corrections. He also has access to a variety of resources such as online lectures, videos, and interactive activities.

Noah’s newfound confidence has been a direct result of his success in the online criminal justice program. He has developed a better understanding of the criminal justice system and has gained valuable skills that will help him in his future career. He is also more confident in his ability to succeed in the classroom and is more motivated to reach his goals.

Noah’s story is an inspiring example of how online education can be beneficial for students who may not fit into the traditional classroom setting. By taking advantage of the flexibility and resources available through an online program, Noah has been able to gain confidence and develop a passion for criminal justice. His success serves as an example to other students who may be struggling to find their place in the traditional classroom setting.


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