The United States Rejoins UNESCO: Uniting Citizens to Restore Funding and Support the UN's Mission

The United States' rejoining of UNESCO signifies a commitment to global cooperation and sustainable development. To fully support this return, US citizens are urged to rally behind the UNA-USA's campaign, "Restore U.S. Funding to UNESCO," advocating for adequate financial backing to ensure a prosperous, just, and healthy planet.

In a momentous decision, the United States has announced its return to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), recommitting to advancing global cooperation, education, and sustainable development. As part of our fiduciary commitment to the United Nations, it is essential that we ensure adequate funding to UNESCO and the entire UN system. Let's unite as US citizens to rally behind this crucial cause and support the campaign launched by UNA-USA: Restore U.S. Funding to UNESCO.

UNESCO's Significance in Advancing Global Peace and Prosperity

UNESCO's mission to promote international cooperation in education, sciences, culture, communication, and information plays a pivotal role in achieving global peace, understanding, and sustainable development. By rejoining UNESCO, the United States reaffirms its dedication to fostering mutual respect, knowledge exchange, and cooperation among nations.

Ensuring U.S. Funding for UNESCO and the UN System

To fully uphold our commitment to UNESCO and strengthen the UN's mission, it is imperative that the United States provides consistent and substantial financial support. By doing so, we not only fulfill our promise to UNESCO but also become a leading member state supporting the UN's efforts to create a more just, peaceful, prosperous, and healthy planet.

Join the Restore U.S. Funding to UNESCO Campaign

The UNA-USA has launched the Restore U.S. Funding to UNESCO campaign to mobilize citizens across the nation in advocating for sustainable funding to UNESCO and the broader UN system. As engaged citizens, we have the power to influence policymakers and ensure that our collective voice is heard.

Take Action Today!

We call upon every US citizen to participate in this crucial campaign. Let your Member of Congress know that supporting the UN and UNESCO financially is vital for a better future for all. Use your voice to emphasize the significance of these contributions in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals and fostering global cooperation.

Visit to join the campaign and access valuable resources to help you make a difference.

**The United States' decision to rejoin UNESCO marks a momentous step towards strengthening global cooperation and promoting sustainable development. By uniting as US citizens, we can rally behind the Restore U.S. Funding to UNESCO campaign and ensure that our financial support for UNESCO and the UN system remains steadfast. Together, we can contribute to a more equitable, just, and prosperous world, fulfilling the promise of mutual understanding and cooperation envisioned by UNESCO's mission, advancing the Sustainable Development Goals.