Concept Note

1.    Introduction

Launched by SDG Investors Inc, is a pioneering platform blending artificial intelligence (AI) with curated global news. It provides students with insights into the effects of global events on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), with each article ending in a report on the relevant SDG impact. Beyond reading, promotes interactive learning, enabling students to explore, author, and collaborate on content, deepening the global discourse on sustainability. Backed by founders with an 8-year legacy in social change advocacy, our goal is to make global education more accessible and actionable.

2.    Background

In a rapidly changing global landscape, understanding and addressing the SDGs has never been more critical. Yet, in the era of information overload, students often struggle to discern reliable sources, analyze data, and make meaningful connections. aims to bridge this gap.

3.    Objectives

Promote In-depth Understanding of SDGs: provides a portal for students to delve deep into the SDGs. Curated content demystifies the comprehensive nature of the SDGs, making them more accessible and tangible for students.

Engage through Storytelling: Storytelling is an influential tool, and its power is harnessed on By converting complex SDG-related topics into relatable narratives, students can move beyond mere understanding to form an emotional connection with the very real challenges and solutions associated with the SDGs.

Empower Critical Information Analysis: More than just a source of information, is a training ground for critical thinking. Students are encouraged to refine their fact-checking abilities, promoting a culture where information is not just consumed but is critically evaluated. This nurtures a generation that values and disseminates accurate, trustworthy information.

Influence the Evolution of AI: presents a unique opportunity for students around the world to actively shape the trajectory of AI. Continuous, rich interactions between students and the platform mold AI's interpretation of the SDGs. By doing so, the platform is set on a path aligned with the principles of sustainability. This ongoing engagement ensures that students and educators play a pivotal role in directing the future development of AI towards a more sustainable and informed direction.

4.    Methodology

AI-Powered Content Curation: Leveraging artificial intelligence capabilities, scans, evaluates, and presents global news articles relevant to the SDGs. This curated approach ensures that students remain up-to-date with the most pressing global developments and challenges associated with each goal.

Storytelling Integration: Each curated article is accompanied by a narrative that contextualizes the news in relation to the SDGs. By weaving facts into a coherent story, makes it more engaging and relatable for students, emphasizing the human and societal dimensions of global events.

Ethical AI: A key feature of the platform is its focus on cultivating discerning information consumers with current real world tools. Students are taught to apply the principles of fact-checking, identifying sources, and allowed to increment their publications through consulting with Large Language Models, such as ChatGPT.

Engagement Metrics and Feedback Loops: provides educators with continuous insights into student engagement. Metrics such as number of articles written by SDGs, comments on articles, and social media involvement through SDG Digital Ambassador Program, are tracked. This data aids educators in understanding student involvement and can be used to adapt teaching methodologies or focal points to ensure maximum benefit.

Collaborative Learning Environments: Recognizing the power of collective insight, facilitates peer-to-peer interactions. Students are motivated to discuss articles, comment on peers’ published articles, exchange views, and collaboratively engage in fact-checking exercises. This not only deepens individual understanding but also promotes a sense of community and the importance of collaborative solutions in addressing global challenges.

5.    Key Features and Benefits

AI-Powered Insights: Timely and relevant news curated through advanced algorithms.

Storytelling Focus: Making complex SDG-related news relatable and engaging.

Ethical AI: Modules to hone students' ethical discernment and analytical skills.

Affordable Pricing: Only $5/month/student with significant bonuses for larger student groups

6.    Expected Outcomes aspires to cultivate a generation of students deeply informed about global developments, endowed with the power to influence the trajectory of AI. These students will emerge as critical thinkers, collaborative learners, and proactive agents of change, harmonizing technological advancements with sustainable global needs.

7.    Timeline

Semester to year-round with periodic updates to content and features, ensuring relevance and engagement.

8.    Investment

      Scalable Learning for SDG Mass Engagement: By offering a flexible pricing model and package bonuses, aims to enable universities, irrespective of size, to make sustainability education a cornerstone of their curriculum.

       Standard Package: US $5/month/student

       For universities enrolling more than 500 students: $5/month/student with a 25% bonus in services or features.

       For universities enrolling more than 2000 students: $5/month/student with a 30% bonus in services or features.

       We work with universities on grant applications for financing the implementation. Contact our team to learn more about.

9.    Call to Action

In the digital age, we champion the cause of the youth as laid out in the Youth Declaration on Transforming Education, and we rally stakeholders worldwide to join We believe that through leveraging artificial intelligence and global collaboration, we can democratize access to transformative education, prioritize marginalized voices, and harness innovative solutions. This initiative is not merely a platform; it's a movement, aligning technology with the collective vision of the youth to revolutionize education for all. Join us in this pivotal journey, where youth voice meets AI potential, and together, let's redefine the future of global education.

10.         Contact information

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