UN World Oceans Day 2024, a poem for the Magic City

An exploration in AI poetry, this piece is crafted from human prompts enriched with themes of ocean conservation, humanity, wisdom, responsibility, action, and stewardship. Accompanied by a visually striking image that melds art with activism, the project aims to intertwine the expressive power of language with the compelling call for environmental engagement.

UN World Oceans Day 2024, a poem for the Magic City
Author: Selva Ozelli - Healing Waters collection. Ms. Ozelli’s work is cataloged by the United Nations, Tokyo Metropolitan Museum, and the Berlin University of Art as part of the project titled Climate Summit Art and Political Event, 1972 – 2022. She has exhibited at UN Climate Change Conferences COP 26, 27 & 28, Auckland Climate Festival, London Climate Action Week, Florida Climate Week, New York Climate Week, the United Nations Biological Diversity, and the UN Oceans Decade has endorsed her wo

Waves of Learning


Beneath the azure skies of Miami's shore,

World Ocean Day whispers secrets of the deep.

As we gather by the gentle roar,

Into the ocean of knowledge, we eagerly leap.


Let's dive beneath the surface, bold and wise,

Where hidden truths and mysteries blend.

Each wave a lesson, before our eyes,

Revealing wonders that never end.


In coral cities and forests of kelp,

We find the stories of Earth’s grand ballet.

A world beneath waves, a hidden whelp,

Urging us to protect it, come what may.


So as we celebrate, let minds entwine

With marine life’s delicate, profound embrace.

Discovering how oceans are a sign,

Of nature’s resilience, beauty, and grace.


On this World Ocean Day, let’s make a vow,

To cherish and defend the blue below.

For the health of our seas reflects, somehow,

The future we craft, the seeds we sow.

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