Fight the Farm Bill’s Threat to Humane Animal Treatment | Take Action @ The Animal Rescue Site

Fight the Farm Bill's Threat to Humane Animal Treatment | Take Action @ The Animal Rescue Site  The Animal Rescue Site News

Fight the Farm Bill’s Threat to Humane Animal Treatment | Take Action @ The Animal Rescue Site

Fight the Farm Bill's Threat to Humane Animal Treatment | Take Action @ The Animal Rescue Site

The 2024 Farm Bill: A Threat to Animal Welfare

The 2024 Farm Bill, recently approved by the House Agriculture Committee, poses a significant threat to animal welfare. This bill includes provisions that could reverse years of progress in humane farming practices, endanger public health, and negatively impact countless animals1.

We need your help to ensure these harmful provisions are removed.

What’s at Stake?

The proposed Farm Bill aims to nullify California’s Proposition 12 and similar laws in other states. Proposition 12, upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court, bans the use of gestation crates—small metal cages that prevent pigs from turning around—and mandates more humane living conditions for farm animals2. By attempting to override these state-level standards, the bill threatens to undo years of progress in animal welfare.

Chairman Glenn Thompson, who drafted the bill, has faced criticism for aligning with the National Pork Producers Council and other industry groups1. His efforts disregard the voices of family farmers, citizens, and even pork producers from his home state, Pennsylvania, who support more humane practices2.

Favoring Low-Welfare Practices

This bill appears to favor industries with controversial practices. Mink farming, which has been banned in over 20 countries due to its public health risks and cruelty, receives subsidies under this bill1. This support continues despite the clear public health risks posed by mink farms, including potential pandemic threats.

The bill also targets animal rescue groups, making it harder and more expensive for them to operate. These provisions threaten international rescue efforts and benefit high-volume breeders and puppy mills by reducing competition, potentially leading to increased profits for breeders and mills at the expense of animal welfare1.

Impact on Public Health and Assistance Programs

Beyond animal welfare, the proposed Farm Bill affects food assistance programs and climate-smart agricultural practices. House Republicans aim to freeze future increases in Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits, which could reduce the amount of assistance low-income families receive3. Additionally, the bill reallocates funds designated for climate-smart agriculture to more traditional conservation programs, potentially hindering efforts to combat climate change through sustainable farming4.

Your Voice Matters

The current version of the Farm Bill represents a step backward for animal welfare and public health. It is crucial for advocates and concerned citizens to voice their opposition to these harmful provisions. By signing the petition below, you can help ensure that the Farm Bill is revised to protect animal welfare and public health.

Sign the petition now to make your voice heard and protect the future of humane farming practices.

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