Smog Free Project

The SMOG Free Project is a campaign for clean air that uses Urban innovations such as the SMOG Free Tower to provide a solution to clean air.

Smog Free Project

The Smog Free Project, an innovative initiative to tackle air pollution, has gained widespread attention since its launch in 2015. Developed by Dutch artist Daan Roosegaarde, the project aims to create cleaner and more livable cities by getting rid of smog.

The project works through the use of an air-purifying tower called the Smog Free Tower. The tower sucks in polluted air and releases clean air, powered entirely by wind energy. It can clean 30,000 cubic meters of air per hour and has been installed in cities all around the world, including Rotterdam, Beijing, and Krakow.

But the Smog Free Project is not just about cleaning up the air. It also aims to raise awareness about the dangers of air pollution and involve people in finding solutions. The Smog Free Tower is not just a practical tool for cleaning the air, but also a work of art. The purified smog particles are turned into jewelry, which can be purchased by supporters of the project, creating a sense of ownership and responsibility towards the environment.

Since its launch, the Smog Free Project has inspired many other initiatives worldwide. In Warsaw, Poland, a similar tower was installed with the help of collective action through a crowdfunding campaign. This highlights the potential for the project to be replicated in different cities, regardless of their size or location.

The project has also successfully created dialogue around air pollution. In China, the Smog Free Project collaborated with the government to launch the “Smog Free Parks” program, which involves installing the towers in public parks. This not only helps clean the air, but also promotes a sense of community involvement in combatting the issue.

Furthermore, the Smog Free Project has partnered with NGOs, research institutions, and local governments to conduct comprehensive air quality research. The collected data helps identify the areas most affected by air pollution and prioritize where the towers should be installed. This systematic approach ensures that the project is making a targeted and effective impact.

The Smog Free Project is a shining example of how art and technology can come together to address environmental issues and create a more sustainable future.