SDG Challenge: is your company in?

The SDG Challenge is an innovative student competition that develops capacity and delivers a transformational journey to mobilize companies, organizations, universities, and students in Miami to advance the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

SDG Challenge: is your company in?

The #SDGchallenge is coming to Miami, brought by Accountable Impact.

Starting on Oct 4th, students from selected universities will be working and collaborating with 5 leading companies in South Florida on sustainability issues, and these can be climate-related - CO2 footprint, recycling, circularity, or social issues - inclusivity, gender equality, mental health & well-being.

About the SDG Challenge:

College and university students collaborate with companies in South Florida to find viable and sustainable solutions for the region’s most pressing challenges related to climate, gender, education, housing, mobility and more.

The SDG Challenge founding organization developed a unique "pressure-cooker" methodology, providing a hands-on experience and knowledge base for students to come up with tangible and actionable ideas to accelerate the SDGs.

Teams will work on specific challenges faced by local companies that are committed to advancing sustainable practices in their operations. Each team will present their solutions in front of a jury during the Grand Finale. The team with the most innovative and impact driven solution wins the SDG Challenge!

SDGs Ecosystem: a Collaborative Approach

The SDG-Challenge serves as a platform that activates students to critically think about present-day sustainability topics and challenges and stimulates action to work together with leading companies, local governments, universities, and organizations.

If you are looking for a social impact opportunity in Miami, your company must be part of this!!