What is COP28?

COP28, the UN Climate Change Conference in Dubai from Nov 30 to Dec 12, 2023, marks a major moment for global climate action. Aimed at implementing the Paris Agreement, discussions will focus on cutting emissions, accelerating transitions, and closing gaps. With over 70,000 participants, including leaders and experts, COP28 is a pivotal milestone in combating climate change.

What is COP28?

The United Nations Climate Change Conference, known as COP28, unfolded in Dubai, UAE, from November 30 to December 12, 2023. Each year, COPs convene to bring together representatives from almost every country globally, making major decisions on addressing the climate crisis. The overarching goal of COP28 was to implement and enhance the Paris Climate Change Agreement as well as navigate the challenges and opportunities presented in the past few years.

Decisive Decade for Climate Action

Against the backdrop of the Paris Agreement's key details being negotiated, COP28 geared up to execute and elevate ambition and action. The urgency was underscored by the latest scientific findings from the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, revealing that it is imperative to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 43% by 2030 compared to 2019 levels. This ambitious target aims to limit temperature rise to 1.5 degrees Celsius and avert the severe impacts of climate change.

COP28 offered a crucial opportunity to identify global solutions for limiting temperature rise, inform revised Nationally Determined Contributions due by 2025, and accelerate the ongoing green transition. The conference served as a pivotal moment in achieving the goals set forth in the Paris Agreement.

Key Discussions at COP28

Discussions at COP28 navigated several critical workstreams, including formulating the loss and damage finance facility, establishing a global goal on finance, driving both an energy and a just transition, and closing the substantial emissions gap. The first-ever global stocktake, concluding at COP28, evaluated collective progress toward Paris Agreement goals, highlighting areas of slow progress and offering a wide variety of tools and solutions.

Host Country: United Arab Emirates

The UAE, serving as the host government and COP28 President, played a crucial role in providing facilities and engaging with other governments. As we step into the decisive decade for climate action, COP28 in Dubai stands as a historical event that worked towards fighting the climate crisis.