Better Buildings, Together

GBI is an international nonprofit organization that is dedicated to reducing climate impacts by improving the structural environment.

Better Buildings, Together

The Green Building Initiative (GBI) is a non-profit organization that promotes sustainable building practices in the construction industry. Founded in 2004, GBI's goal is to reduce the environmental impact of the built environment by encouraging the adoption of green building best practices.

GBI offers third-party certification programs for buildings that meet specific sustainability standards. Known as the Green Globes Certification, this program evaluates buildings based on their energy efficiency, water conservation, indoor air quality, and other environmental factors. It also considers the use of sustainable materials and building practices in the construction process.

To achieve Green Globes Certification, a building must score a certain number of points in each category. The higher the score, the more environmentally friendly the building is considered. The certification is based on a comprehensive assessment completed by a third-party assessor, providing a more objective evaluation of a building's sustainability.

One of the main areas of focus for GBI is reducing energy consumption in buildings. The organization works with building developers, architects, and engineers to incorporate energy-efficient design and technologies into their projects. This not only reduces the environmental impact of the building but also leads to cost savings for the building owner in the long run.

GBI also promotes the use of sustainable materials and resources in construction. This includes using eco-friendly building materials, such as recycled or renewable materials, and implementing strategies to reduce waste and conserve water.

In addition to certification programs, GBI also provides resources and education on sustainable building practices. This includes training programs, webinars, and online courses for professionals in the construction industry.

The Green Building Initiative has made significant strides in promoting sustainable building practices. In 2016, GBI partnered with the US General Services Administration (GSA) to develop the Guiding Principles Compliance (GPC) tool, which helps federal agencies meet their sustainability goals. The GBI has also collaborated with various organizations and municipalities to implement green building initiatives and encourage the adoption of sustainable practices.

Through its efforts, GBI is not only helping to reduce the environmental impact of buildings, but also creating healthier and more sustainable communities for current and future generations. As the construction industry continues to grow, initiatives like the Green Building Initiative are essential in ensuring that buildings are built with a focus on sustainability and reducing their impact on the environment.