Voices in Miami Podcast: UN Day Episode

Voices in Miami is a podcast hosted by Josie Blohm and Olivia Martin-Johnson. Together, they run this student-led initiative at Social Impact Movement, exploring SDG education insights coming from canvassing peers throughout their university campuses.

Oct 27, 2022 - 16:49
Oct 27, 2022 - 18:16
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Voices in Miami Podcast: UN Day Episode

Happy UN Day! 

Voices in Miami is a podcast hosted by myself, Josie Blohm, and my co-host, Olivia Martin- Johnson. We are currently on our second season of Voices in Miami.

For the first season, we interviewed youth ChangeMakers in Miami to learn about their initiatives and linking it to furthering the SDGs in Miami. For this second season, since Olivia and I are both at universities outside Miami, we do impromptu interviews on our college campuses, both of us asking the same questions, investigating if there is a difference in answers between the campuses, and to see if our Miami upbringing makes a difference in what our answers would be if we had to answer our own questions. 

For UN Day, October 24th, we released a special episode where Olivia and I asked people what they would ask the UN, if they could ask any question.

Our most common answers were rebating questions such as "What is the UN?" and "What is the UN actually doing?"

These answers were somewhat disappointing to Olivia and I, and reinforced our mission to keep spreading our podcast to other regions, educating on topics related to the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals). Because the two of us are so involved with the UN, separately and together with our podcast, we can not accept that the UN message remain unclear to our youth. 

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