Cloudfisher is a fog-harvesting technology that efficiently collects water from fog, providing a sustainable source of clean water in arid regions.


CloudFisher is a simple yet effective solution for harvesting drinking water from fog. Developed by the German non-profit organization, WaterFoundation, CloudFisher helps to address water scarcity in developing countries and provides a sustainable source of drinking water.

The CloudFisher system consists of vertical nets that capture fog droplets, which then drip down into a collection trough. The nets are made of a specialized mesh that is designed to increase the surface area and capture as much water as possible. The collected water is then channeled into storage tanks, where it is treated for safe consumption.

One of the main advantages of CloudFisher is its sustainability. Unlike traditional water collection methods that rely on groundwater or rainwater, CloudFisher uses fog, a natural resource that is abundant in many regions. This makes it a reliable and long-term solution for providing access to clean drinking water.

Moreover, the use of CloudFisher promotes environmental sustainability. By utilizing fog as a water source, it reduces the demand for traditional sources of water, which can lead to over-extraction and harm local ecosystems. It also reduces the need for transporting water, which can have a significant carbon footprint.

CloudFisher has been successfully implemented in various communities around the world, including Peru, Chile, and Morocco. In these regions, where access to clean water is limited, CloudFisher has made a significant impact on improving the quality of life for local communities. It has also reduced the burden of water collection, particularly for women and children who often have to travel long distances to collect water.

The design of CloudFisher has also taken into consideration the needs of the communities it serves. The materials used are lightweight and easy to maintain, making it an ideal solution for remote and hard-to-reach areas. The systems are also designed to be scalable, providing the potential for future growth and expansion.

In conclusion, CloudFisher is a sustainable and scalable solution for addressing water scarcity in developing countries. With its innovative use of fog, it not only provides access to clean drinking water but also promotes environmental sustainability and improves the quality of life for communities in need. Its success in various regions around the world makes it a promising solution for addressing one of the most pressing global challenges.