California Clean Energy Grid

This article talks about some recent results of the investments in California toward clean energy.

California Clean Energy Grid

This article analyzes some recent data that's come out related to Califronia's initatives for clean energy. Califronia has increased it's capability for clean energy sources, and seen a substantial growth in installations of clean energy like solar or wind. California has also worked on changing/improving their grid to maximize the outputs of clean enrgy. California has also seen some economic boosts with these initiatives in the form of job creation and cost saving.

All of this data is in line with Californias continued goal of climate actions.

New Data Shows Investments to Build California’s Clean 

Energy Grid of the Future are Paying Off

ACRAMENTO — Non-fossil-fuel sources now make up 61 percent of retail electricity sales in California thanks to historic investment that has led to an extraordinary pace of development in new clean energy generation, according to the latest data compiled by the California Energy Commission (CEC). Sources eligible under the Renewables Portfolio Standard such as solar and wind make up 39 percent of the state power mix, an increase of 2 percent compared to the previous year, while large hydro and nuclear made up a combined 22 percent. 

“Nearly every week, new clean energy projects are being added to the grid, moving us closer and closer to our goal of a clean, affordable and reliable energy system in California,” said CEC Chair David Hochschild

Ahead of National Infrastructure Week, the CEC and California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) are highlighting the state’s progress to build the clean energy grid of the future.

  • Since 2020, new energy projects statewide have brought more than 16,000 MW of new energy resources online, mostly solar and battery storage.
  • Last month, Governor Gavin Newsom celebratedthe state’s build-out of storage resources, which now exceeds 10,000 MW.
  • To maintain progress, the CPUC has ordered 18,800 MW of new clean resources to come online by 2028.

“I want to congratulate the many agencies, groups and organizations whose work has led to the success of California’s clean energy efforts,” said CEC Vice Chair Siva Gunda. “Your tireless work is helping us march forward toward a more sustainable future.”

WHY IT MATTERS: California is in the middle of the biggest transformation of its power grid in a century. The continued rise in renewables and decline in fossil fuel use comes as the state experiences an unprecedented barrage of climate impacts, from heat waves to drought and wildfires.

WHERE DOLLARS ARE GOING: One way the CEC has invested infrastructure dollars recently is to develop advancements in storage of clean energy.

wer grid – storing energy from renewable sources like solar during the day to use when solar drops off in the evening hours. 

Most of the battery energy storage systems online today can discharge to the grid for four hours, however the CEC is looking to the future by investing in battery projects that discharge for longer periods. The following grants have been issued for long-duration battery storage projects around the state:

Thanks to state budget investments and funding from the Biden-Harris administration, California has $41 billion at work to help build a 100 percent clean electric grid, strengthen the state’s water resiliency and boost water supply, and modernize our transportation system.  to explore the many projects happening throughout the state. 

RELATED RESOURCES: To help visualize the state’s progress toward 100 percent clean electricity, the CEC maintains a suite of interactive tools with downloadable data on the following topics: 

Chart showing estimated clean energy goal progress.