Best Bluetooth hearing aids in 2024

Best Bluetooth hearing aids in 2024  CBS News

Best Bluetooth hearing aids in 2024

Best Bluetooth hearing aids in 2024

Hearing Loss and the Best Bluetooth Hearing Aids in 2024

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Hearing loss can be a big roadblock to a happy and healthy life. Hearing aids can be life-altering in the best of ways — self-reported hearing loss has been associated with increased rates of depression and anxiety across the board. With hearing aid technology improving all the time, there’s never been a better time to invest in a new pair of hearing aids. One feature that’s worth looking at in many newer models is Bluetooth connectivity, which lets wearers listen to entertainment — TV shows, songs, podcasts — with ease.

With so many brands and hearing aid models to choose from, you might be wondering which is the best. Prescription hearing aids can be custom fit and pre-programmed by an audiologist, for example, while many over-the-counter hearing aids (OTC) are more affordable. One thing that hearing aid brands are working to perfect is seamless Bluetooth compatibility.

Below, we highlight the best Bluetooth hearing aids — OTC and prescription models alike — to help you find the perfect pair for you.

What is the best Bluetooth hearing aid in 2024?

The best Bluetooth hearing aids make it easy to listen to your favorite shows, songs, podcasts and more on the go. If you want hearing aids that rival the latest and greatest wireless headphones, these are the top hearing aid brands of 2024 that should be on your list.

Check out the best hearing aids for Bluetooth streaming and wireless connectivity below.

Best overall: Jabra Enhance Select 300



One of the best hearing aids you can buy online today is also our top pick for quality Bluetooth hearing aids. The Jabra Enhance Select 300 offers improved sound quality, an impressive battery life and a lightweight design.

With some OTC hearing aids, a common customer complaint you may come across is a flat or distorted sound quality. That’s not the case with Jabra’s smallest hearing aid model to date. This hearing aid rivals most prescription hearing aids, with decent sound boost and exceptional noise filtration features.

The Jabra Enhance Select also offers high-quality Bluetooth streaming for TV, music, podcasts and more. As Jabra’s newest and most impressive model, the Enhance Select does come with a price tag that starts at $1,795.


  • Seamless Bluetooth compatibility that can be managed and adjusted via the Jabra Enhance mobile app.
  • Top-notch sound amplification and background noise reduction features that justify a higher-than-average price tag.


  • High price for OTC hearing aids — check our runner up pick below for a more budget friendly pick from Jabra.

Budget-friendly runner up: Jabra Enhance Plus

Intrigued by Jabra’s impressive hearing aid tech but less interested in paying over $1,500 for a single pair of hearing aids? Consider the Jabra Enhance Plus hearing aid: Available for $800, the Plus is our unflinching choice for best OTC hearing aids thanks to a sleek design, 10-hour battery life, crisp speech amplification, and yes — fully compatible Bluetooth connectivity.

Unlike many prescription hearing aids that can cost thousands of dollars a pair, these hearing aids — Jabra’s first OTC model — offer impressive sound quality and features for a great price that’s under $1,000.

Most comfortable fit: Lexie B2 Plus