Province plans to create adult literacy strategy

Province plans to create adult literacy strategy – Winnipeg Free Press  Winnipeg Free Press

Province plans to create adult literacy strategy


Manitoba’s adult literacy programs are facing potential changes in order to receive government funding. Advanced Education Minister Renee Cable has introduced Bill 5, known as the Adult Literacy Act, which aims to establish the “Manitoba adult literacy program” and require the province to develop an adult literacy strategy. This report will discuss the key provisions of the bill and its implications for adult literacy programs in Manitoba.

The Adult Literacy Act

The Adult Literacy Act, if passed, will have several important requirements for organizations offering adult literacy programs:

  1. Meeting specific criteria to receive provincial funding
  2. Adhering to established standards for adult literacy programs, including minimum hours of instruction, admission requirements, instructor qualifications, and teaching materials
  3. Subjecting funded programs to evaluations by the department

Importance of Reporting Measures

While a provincial adult literacy program and strategy could be implemented without legislation, Minister Cable emphasized the need for appropriate reporting measures. The act will ensure transparency and accountability by allowing the government to measure the success of programs and identify areas for improvement.

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

The Adult Literacy Act aligns with several of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), including:

  • SDG 4: Quality Education – The act aims to improve access to adult literacy and education programs, ultimately contributing to the goal of providing quality education for all.
  • SDG 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth – By enhancing adult literacy, individuals are better equipped to secure good, family-supporting jobs, thus promoting economic growth.
  • SDG 10: Reduced Inequalities – The act seeks to address the needs of different demographics and communities, ensuring equal opportunities for all individuals to access adult literacy programs.

Stakeholder Perspectives

Organizations providing adult literacy programs have expressed the need for more time to review the bill before offering comments. However, the Manitoba Institute of Trades and Technology has welcomed the government’s focus on adult literacy and learning as an early priority. They look forward to collaborating with Advanced Education and Training to support literacy learners in Manitoba.


The proposed Adult Literacy Act in Manitoba aims to improve access to adult literacy programs and ensure their effectiveness through mandated reporting. By aligning with the SDGs, the act contributes to global efforts towards quality education, decent work, and reduced inequalities. Consultations on the act and its regulations are currently underway, allowing stakeholders to provide input and shape the future of adult literacy in Manitoba.

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