Son of former Seattle mayor charged in child sexual abuse images case

Son of former Seattle mayor charged in child sexual abuse images case  The Seattle Times

Son of former Seattle mayor charged in child sexual abuse images case

A 29-year-old Son of Former Seattle Mayor Investigated for Child Sexual Abuse Images

On Tuesday, Jack McGinn, the 29-year-old son of former Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn, was charged in King County Superior Court for allegedly possessing child sexual abuse images. The arrest took place last Friday when Seattle police served a search warrant on the family’s home.

Former Mayor Unaware of Police Action

When contacted by phone on Friday morning, Mike McGinn, 64, stated that he was not at the house and was unaware of the police action. He later texted that he has been in Virginia since Christmas and was trying to contact his son. Multiple neighbors confirmed that they haven’t seen the former mayor in months.

Court documents reveal that Jack McGinn moved into his parents’ house after they relocated to the East Coast. Mike McGinn served as mayor from 2010 to 2013 and was defeated in his 2013 reelection campaign by then-state Sen. Ed Murray. He currently works as the executive director of a national nonprofit called America Walks.

Investigation Started with a Tip

In a blog post on Friday afternoon, Seattle police wrote that the investigation began with a tip from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. The department stated that “hundreds of child sexual abuse material images were distributed.” The suspect, Jack McGinn, admitted to viewing and possessing the images.

Bail Set at $70,000

Following his arrest, Jack McGinn appeared in King County District Court on Saturday afternoon. The judge set bail at $70,000, which he posted later that day. However, his release is conditional on him not accessing the internet and not having contact with minors. The judge expressed concern about the potential for violent crime against minors based on the allegations and the statement of probable cause, which also mentioned drug use or addiction.

Connection to IP and Email Addresses

According to the statement of probable cause filed in court, Google reported two cybertips in mid-December that Seattle police later linked to IP and email addresses associated with Jack McGinn. One of the email addresses was reportedly used to upload 700 files of child sexual abuse material, including images of a child estimated to be about 4 or 5 years old.

Police Search and Arrest

On Friday morning, officers served a search warrant at the family’s home in the Greenwood neighborhood. At least a dozen officers in tactical gear were present, and they searched the premises, including a car in the driveway. Laptop computers and plastic chests were seen being carried into the home. The streets were temporarily closed off with police tape, but were reopened to traffic before noon.

Admission of Wrongdoing

During his arrest, Jack McGinn verified his email account and admitted to an officer that he had looked at child sexual abuse images on his desktop computer. He claimed to typically view the images during weekend cocaine benders but denied physically harming any children. Detectives found multiple child sexual abuse images on the desktop computer.

Work and Criminal History

Jack McGinn is employed by a technology installation company in Bellevue and has no known criminal history, according to court documents and statements made by his attorney in court. He is scheduled to be arraigned in King County Superior Court on April 15.

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