Our Town Columbus: Adult Education

Our Town Columbus: Adult Education  KOLN

Our Town Columbus: Adult Education

COLUMBUS, Neb. – Central Community College Offers Adult Education Programs to Improve Lives

Central Community College in Columbus currently offers a range of programs aimed at helping adults learn English and enhance their lives. These programs align with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set by the United Nations.

English as a Second Language (ESL) and GED Preparation Classes

Amy Mahoney, the Adult Education Coordinator at Central Community College, provided insight into the programs offered. She stated, “We offer adult education, which includes English as a Second Language or ESL classes for adults aged 18 and older. Additionally, we provide GED preparation classes.”

Book Club Reinforcing Language Skills

Central Community College collaborates with organizations like the Platte Valley Literacy Association to offer a book club. This initiative reinforces the language skills learners acquire in their ESL classes.

Success Stories and Empowering Adult Learners

One success story at Central Community College is Oliver, who initially attended ESL classes before obtaining his GED, college degree, and now pursuing a master’s degree. The college takes pride in empowering adult learners to achieve their goals.

Importance of English Skills for Immigrants

Learning English is crucial for immigrants as it allows them to step out of their comfort zone and establish connections in their new environment. Mahoney emphasized, “English skills enable them to interact with teachers, employers, and even grocery clerks. These skills hold great value and are appreciated by the learners.”

Positive Impact on the Community

The ESL program benefits the entire community of Columbus. Mahoney explained, “English skills acquired in our programs carry over to the workplace. Students can effectively communicate with employers and even assist non-English speakers. Many of our students have degrees from other countries, and when combined with English proficiency, they can advance their careers and contribute to strengthening the local workforce.”

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